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NORD BLANC – Designer clothing for sports and leisure, Brand new, 136 pallets

5.00 €


Condition: Brand new
Available quantity: 136 pallets (104.000pcs)
MOQ: 1 pallet
Stock: CZ

100 pallets of Nord Blanc branded clothing.
Everything is new and packed with tags.
Men’s, women’s and children’s goods.

Type of clothing:
Winter jacket, trousers, gloves, vest, Softshell jacket, ski caps, ski gloves, Ski Pantss, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Functional shirt, Pants, Shirts, Shorts, Swimwear, Sweatpants, T-shirts, Thermo shirt…

The brand NORD BLANC was founded in 2003. It is engaged in the design and production of clothing and accessories for sports and leisure for customers who prefer functionality, design and quality. NORD BLANC products emphasize functional design and modern processing technology.

Sample list of one palette:
Men’s jacket 56pcs
Women’s sweatshirt 139pcs
Ski gloves 10pcs
25pcs raincoat
Women’s. Pants 104pcs
Women’s vest 10pcs
Thermal shirt 66pcs
Sports leggings 87pcs
Women’s summer three-quarters 96pcs
Children’s dress 68pcs
Children’s trousers 26pcs
Children’s sweatshirt 18pcs
Total 705 pcs



Clothing & fashion: Yes
Brand new: Yes

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