Brand new

Grade A+

Grade A

Grade AB

Device has never been used, in original package with whole accessories. No visible significant signs of use – no marks and scratches. Practically like new. Excellent condition, very few signs of usage. May have very slight micro-scratches, visible when seen reflected in light. In good condition, has some scratches or marks, mostly on the sides or rear. Mix of grade A and grade B.


Grade B

Grade C


Customer returns

Device is fully functional, not refurbished, only used, has scratches or marks, no cracked or chipped glass. Non functional goods which need mostly small technician intervention or can be used for spare parts. Some can have broken screen. Goods in this grade can be without package and accessories. Device is fully functional, refurbished, can be A, B or mixed AB-grade, can has scratches or marks, no cracked or chipped glass. More informations you can find in demand offer. Untested goods, mix of A/B/C-grade, directly from customers, mostly in original packaging.



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