Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing can make both the company and a private person.
All prices are net prices. Companies which are active VAT payer of the EU (European holding NIP with the letter country code at the beginning of the NIP for example. PL1234567890) make purchases in net prices to give intra-invoice with zero VAT rate. The other companies and individuals will be added VAT at 21 %.
Shipment is possible for all European Union countries. Pallets are sent on standard EUR pallets. Pallets are also wrapped stretch and foiled our corporate tape to protect against the opening of the palette. Shipping pallets to other countries is possible after determining transport costs and customs duties.
Our offer includes mainly pallets class ABC with different percentages, where Class A – a new product, class B – a product with traces of use, exhibition, post-presentation, the rest is a class C commodity shortages (eg. a screw) or giving damage to repair.
Exact percentages and full info about grades and quality you can find in detailed offer informations.
For each offer is attached specification with a detailed list of goods to be included and the retail prices of these goods. The specification is in English, and the prices are quoted in EURos.
Purchased goods will not be refunded or exchanged even though the transaction was made “at a distance”.
Pallets send in the order of their orders. We try to make pallets were leaving our warehouse within 72 hours of the order or delivery. The delivery time should not exceed 5 working days.
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