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Mix Audio, PC Electronics, Small Appliances, Sports & More, AB-Grade, Retail €5,000

385 €


Condition: Mix
Available quantity: 90 pallets
MOQ: 2 pallets
Stock: CZ - in stock

Goods from the big EU market – unchecked!
Mostly unaccepted goods of clients, about 80% functional goods but in bulk without boxes.
10-20% may be malfunctioning, incomplete or damaged.
(As we do not check the contents of the pallet, we do not know the exact ratio of the quality of the goods).

Package contents: Mix of audio and PC electronics, small appliances, sports and fitness equipment, toys, decorations, body care, etc.
Estimated quantity around 700 products per pallets.

Price 350€ if you take full truck 28 pallets.
If you take only 2 pallets, price will be 450€

A-Grade: Yes
B-Grade: Yes
C-Grade: Yes
Electronics: Yes
Other: Yes
In-stock: Yes
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