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Mix A (NEW) – home appliances, household, personal care, etc., 100pcs, Ratail 1575€

650 €


Condition: A-Grade
Available quantity: 15 pallets
MOQ: 1 pallet
Stock: CZ - in stock

Goods from Italian retail chains – NEW!
Pallet size: 120x80x130cm

The composition of the goods is as follows:
A-Quality (new goods in original boxes, packaging may be damaged)

These are new goods from Italian retail chains.

Package contents: home appliances, household, personal care and small items, ~ 100pcs (no list, only photos)

The sale of goods is wholesale, we sell without warranty as it lies and runs, there is no possibility of returning or claiming pallets.

Brand new: Yes
A-Grade: Yes
In-stock: Yes
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