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Lighting, Brand new – spotlight, ceiling lamp with reflector, Wall lamp, ceiling light, etc..

1,990 €


Condition: Brand new
Available quantity: 1265pcs (7 pallets)
MOQ: Take all
Stock: CZ - in stock

Industrial and household lights (The vast majority of 90% are new, 10% may be unpacked or carry minor traces of use)

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Discription qtty
spotlight 605
ceiling lamp with reflector 258
Wall lamp 142
ceiling light 134
electr.transformer 85
wall lamp 51
big light square 46
garden wall lamp 35
halogen light 32
built-in aluminum light 27
light for rail systems 19
garden lapma 19
table lamp 3
road light 2
Total 1458
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Brand new: Yes
A-Grade: Yes
Electronics: Yes
In-stock: Yes
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