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Dishwasher tablets, Premium quality, soluble film, made in Germany – Bigbag

1,190 €


Condition: ABC-Grade
Available quantity: 24 tons
MOQ: 5 tons (8 big bags)
Stock: CZ

Made in Germany 11/2019 to 01/2020

The tablets in the bag are in the Premium variant, 1 bigbag = 700-800kg.
Weight of one tablet approx. 20g. The bag has various qualities from A to C.

Ratio: A-75% B-15% C-10% (This ratio is indicative, but based on data from the tablet sorter.)
A = the tablet is perfectly fine without signs of damage
B = the tablet may be dusty or broken in a sealed foil, but without damage
C = the tablet is damaged (crushed, unwelded foil, without foil, powder, etc …)

Approximate calculation of pieces from 1 ton
A-Grade, 750Kg = 37,500 pcs of tablets
B-Grade, 150Kg = 7,500 pcs of tablets
C-Grade, 100Kg = 5,000 (powder, crumb, etc …) can be sieved or crushed on a machine and you get a fine powder for the dishwasher.

Avg. Cost Per Unit: 0,0238€
Price: 1190€ per ton

Prices are ex-VAT and ex-works.
If you have any questions about this stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


A-Grade: Yes
B-Grade: Yes
C-Grade: Yes
Other: Yes
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