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Circuit breakers 6 Tons, GE and EATON Brand – Price 2,5€/Kg

3 €


Available quantity: 5800Kg (6pallets)
MOQ: 600Kg / (1bag)
Stock: CZ - in stock

Mix of single-phase, two-phase, three-phase and four-phase
Most of the GE and EATON brand.

Bags Weght
GE small 2 pin 936
GE small 2 pin 812
GE small 2 pin 1233
GE black 1186
EATON 1040
Total 5807 kg

MOQ is 1 bags, you can choose if you are only interested in part of the goods. Price 3€ (if you take all, price will be 2,5€)

B-Grade: Yes
Electronics: Yes
In-stock: Yes
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