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Automatic, contact-free hand sanitizer BDR-1

150 €


Condition: Brand new
Available quantity: 100 pcs
MOQ: 5 pcs
Warranty: 24 months
Stock: CZ - in stock

Automatic, contact-free hand sanitizer BDR-1, easy and flexible installation, premium quality

Condition: Brand new
Available quantity: 100 pieces
MOQ: 5 pieces
Warranty: 2 years
Stock: CZ
Sanitizer BDR-1

Automatic hand sanitizer is a public health equipment, widely used in health care, schools, hotels, restaurants, stations, airports and other public areas. Small size, space-saving, flexible installation and convenient, with intelligent induction, contact-free, to avoid cross-infection.

• Completely CONTACTLESS
• 4x AA batteries or to the socket
• Up to 4,000 doses per battery
• Large filling capacity up to 1,000 ml
• Modern design
• Designed for indoor use
• Very easy to install
• Weight only 0.85 kg
• Certified

• Premium stability and security
• Modern and practical look
• Easy installation
• Reliable material and design
• Fastening material M4 in the package
• Weight 2.5 kg
• Dimensions 1160 x 125 x 83 mm

• Captures excess disinfection
• Easy to clean and handle
• Very easy installation

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Brand new: Yes
Electronics: Yes
Other: Yes
In-stock: Yes
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